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We raised $113,188 for Chabad Young Professionals UWS!

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The past 40 days have marked the most intense, chaotic, and impactful period in our recent history. They have compelled each of us to center ourselves, to reevaluate our priorities and invest in what truly matters.

The Jewish response to darkness, is to add more light. And what a light the CYP UWS community has been! Community, charity, and commitment to our heritage, has been at the forefront of our response. From collecting, packing and delivering over 100 boxes of toys and money to the affected families in the south of Israel, to coming together for a night of unity and prayer at a Challah bake, and joining for Shabbat meals, being in each other’s presence has been what we all needed and cherished.

There have been more requests for help with putting up Mezuzot in both private home and businesses than we have ever experienced, indicating a surge of Jewish pride. Others have been requesting more Torah classes, more spiritual experiences. The strong need to connect with each other and our Jewish identity has been reverberating in every interaction we have had - and every shared moment of warmth, understanding and love that is shared is another glimmer of light. At CYP UWS we know that a strong, proud, and connected Jewish future is dependent on us.

This was just the past 40 days... CYP is always here everyday catering to the needs of tens of thousands of young professionals on an annual basis.

Today is our only annual fundraiser. 

Join us in Ensuring Jewish Continuity.

Thank you,
Rabbi Yisrael & Chanchy Kugel

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