Goal: $100,000
$105,410 Total Raised
105% Complete

THANK YOU!!! WE DID IT!! We raised $105,410 for CYP UWS! Thank you to our generous Matchers for making this a possibility, and a HUGE thank you goes to YOU for seizing the opportunity to do good.

The Class at the Beacon

IS Foundation & Friends of CYP

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The Strength of a People. The Power of Community.


CYP needs YOU.


At CYP UWS we make a difference in the lives of young Jews in Manhattan's UWS. This is the day we do our biggest fundraising for the upcoming year. 


Why now?
We are #ALLCYPUWS and have 30 hours to raise 50K online.
That number will be doubled by a group of generous donors turning it into 100K.


YOU can help make HUGE things happen for the young Jewish community on the Upper West Side.

Today your $1 can turn into $2!

$180 = $360

$250 = $500

$500 = $1000


Your donations will go toward making 2020 the best year for young Jews in our city. 


The impact of your dollars:

CYPUWS (2018/2019) by the numbers:

  • 17,500 experiences in our programming.
  • 5,120 Shabbat/Holiday Meals served
  • 5,048 Mitzvot including Prayer/Tefillin/Volunteering/Shabbat candles.
  • 1,500 Private one on one sessions with the Rabbi and Mrs. Kugel.
  • 200 Torah classes 


We are here. CHABAD YOUNG PROFESSIONALS is your home away from home. Your pick-me-up, your friendly face. Your dose of inspiration and your place of study. Nourishing your body, heart and soul.

We’re here for YOU—the young Jewish professional living on NYC’s UWS. Through our many one-on-one interactions, weekly classes, social events and Shabbat dinners, we share a vision. Together, we better ourselves so we can make the world a BRIGHTER place.


Special thanks to our generous matchers!


Rabbi Yisrael and Chanchy Kugel


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